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Progressive Pistol 

   If you have ever taken a firearms class before, you know it can be like drinking from a fire hose: It's one or two long days on the range, you're given a ton of information, and hopefully you retain what you learned. This is where Progressive Pistol is different. The information is broken down into hour-long classes that are held once or twice a week (depending on the class), giving you time to practice what you've learned and come back to build skills faster. I know what you're thinking; "How are you able to hold classes weekly?" Simple, we use airsoft.
   Airsoft gives us the majority of what we need to become better shooters and gun handlers. For new shooters, it can takes away some of the anxiety and fear of handling guns. It allows them to build good muzzle discipline while keeping everyone safe. Additionally while ammo prices are expensive right now, shooting airsoft is always cheap. While airsoft has its limitations, with a good foundation (i.e. grip and stance) and fundamentals (i.e. sight picture and trigger pull), those limitations can be addressed and overcome. Confirming airsoft training with live fire is a must, just as you would with dryfire practice.  Airsoft is a great tool as long as you treat is as such and NOT like a toy. 

Pistol Classes 

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