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Beyond Fundamentals

New Location for this class

Idaho Gun School

1307 N 39th St #102, Nampa, ID 83687


This is a monthly membership to the Beyond Fundamentals class that is held once a week. 


Course Description

Beyond Fundamentals is designed for intermediate shooters and beyond. Every week, we'll cover skills that vary from self-defense to competition. This is no NRA cookie cutter class; It's designed to challenge you, allowing you to become a more competent shooter and thinker by giving you the time and space to practice and receive instruction with no pressure. A boxer doesn't learn to box in the ring, but first learns the fundamentals then steps into the ring to test his knowledge. There will be times where you'll be put under simulated stress; but we're not here to beat you down. We want to build you up and give you the tools to succeed. 



Course overview:

  • Safety
  • Refining fundamentals
  • Movement
  • Cover & concealment 
  • Getting ready to shoot sooner
  • Fighter's mindset 
  • Working around barricades/objects/structures
  •  Concealed carry option and training
  • Weak hand/strong hand 
  • And more...


*PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT qualified to teach "tactical" rolls, sliding across hoods of cars, or jumping through the air sideways while wielding one or two guns.* 

Beyond Fundamentals

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